Bubble Rush 2018

Sunday, 01 July 2018

Bubble Rush 2018

Sunday, 01 July 2018 12:00 - 14:00 (GMT)

Ryelands Park
Torrisholme Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 01524 382538
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  1. You must register a group of at least 3 and no more than 4.
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    A family consists of either:
    2 Adults + 1 or 2 Children
    1 Adult + 3 Children
    Any additional members of the family after this will then pay the standard Adult/Child price.
    After completing the details for one member you will then be able to enter another member of your family and so on, please select FAMILY FOR EACH PERSON. Your family discount will be applied at the end. Any additional members of your family can also be added at the end.
    Adults are 18+

    So sorry Bubblers but we're having issues with our sign up system and it's unlikely to get fixed for a few weeks.
    The problem is when entering a family. Once the lead person is entered and tshirt collection or delivery is selected the ADD ANOTHER PERSON button is not working. These instructions will only work on a full desktop version not on mobile or tablet.
    Please click on CHECKOUT at the top of the page NEXT TO TSHIRT COLLECTION, at the top, this will then take you to a page where you can add another person.
    If you still have issues please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01524 382538

    For large groups please call the office on 01524 382538 


St ​John’s ​Hospice ​are ​proud, ​and ​just ​a ​little ​bit ​excited, ​to ​bring ​this ​brand ​new ​event ​to ​Lancaster. ​Bubble ​Rush ​is ​a ​fun ​run ​with ​a ​difference ​– ​it ​features ​lots ​of ​coloured ​bubbles! ​Lancaster ​Bubble ​Rush ​is ​kindly ​sponsored ​by ​Heart ​FM, ​Ratciffe ​& ​Bibby ​Solicitors ​& ​Estate ​Agents ​& ​Rayrigg ​Motors.
The ​course ​starts ​in ​a ​sea ​of ​bubbles ​and ​features ​4 ​bubble ​stations ​along ​the ​route ​where ​our ​cannons ​pump ​out ​coloured ​foam ​to ​create ​a ​4ft ​deep ​bubble ​bath!! ​The ​run ​can ​be ​one ​lap ​of ​2.5K ​or ​double ​bubble ​your ​enjoyment ​by ​completing ​the ​circuit ​twice ​to ​make ​it ​5k! ​ ​The ​Lancaster ​Bubble ​Rush ​route ​in ​Ryelands ​Park ​is ​family ​friendly, ​ ​so ​you ​can ​run, ​jog, ​walk, ​dance ​or ​toddle ​through ​the ​foam. ​
The ​event ​is ​not ​timed, ​so ​you ​are ​not ​racing ​anyone ​– ​the ​most ​important ​thing ​is ​that ​you ​enjoy ​your ​time ​in ​the ​bubbles ​and ​finish ​with ​a ​big ​smile ​on ​your ​face! ​Bubblers ​do ​it ​for ​fun ​with ​friends ​and ​children ​– ​and ​everyone ​gets ​a ​medal ​at ​the ​end! ​There ​will ​be ​music, ​entertainment, ​food ​a ​great ​buzz ​and ​did ​we ​mention ​bubbles!! ​

Don’t ​miss ​out ​on ​our ​Early ​Bird ​Prices ​which ​end ​at ​midnight ​on ​13th ​May ​2018.
Early ​Bird ​prices; ​Adult ​(18yrs ​and ​over) ​£17.00; ​Child ​(aged ​3-17) ​£10 ​and ​family ​price ​of ​£40.00 ​(2 ​adults ​& ​2 ​children ​or ​1 ​adult ​& ​3 ​children). ​From ​14th ​May ​the ​full ​price ​will ​apply; ​£20 ​per ​adult; ​£13 ​per ​child ​& ​£50 ​per ​family. ​All ​children ​under ​age ​of ​16 ​must ​be ​accompanied ​by ​a ​paid ​adult.
Registrations ​will ​close ​at ​midnight ​on ​Wednesday ​27th ​June ​2018. ​Unfortunately ​children ​under ​the ​age ​of ​3 ​cannot ​take ​part ​due ​to ​our ​insurance.
All ​proceeds ​to ​St ​John’s ​Hospice ​supporting ​patients ​and ​families ​in ​the ​North ​Lancashire ​and ​South ​Lakes ​area ​since ​1986!

So ​sorry ​Bubblers ​but ​we're ​having ​issues ​with ​our ​sign ​up ​system ​and ​it's ​unlikely ​to ​get ​fixed ​for ​a ​few ​weeks. ​Although ​we ​do ​have ​a ​workaround ​please ​follow ​the ​instructions ​below, ​which ​unfortunately ​only ​work ​on ​a ​FULL ​DESKTOP ​VERSION ​not ​on ​a ​mobile ​device/tablet.
The ​problem ​is ​when ​entering ​a ​family. ​Once ​the ​lead ​person ​is ​entered ​and ​tshirt ​collection ​or ​delivery ​is ​selected ​the ​ADD ​ANOTHER ​PERSON ​button ​is ​not ​working. ​
Please ​click ​on ​CHECKOUT ​at ​the ​top ​of ​the ​page ​NEXT ​TO ​TSHIRT ​COLLECTION, ​at ​the ​top, ​this ​will ​then ​take ​you ​to ​a ​page ​where ​you ​can ​add ​another ​person.
If ​you ​still ​have ​issues ​please ​don't ​hesitate ​to ​give ​us ​a ​call ​on ​01524 ​382538
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