2019 Ultra Challenges Multi Deal

2019 Ultra Challenges Multi Deal

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You can get some big discounts by committing to multiple Ultra Challenges in 2019.

Choose your package below and you will need to select how many events on the next page (minimum of 3).

***You don't have to choose your events yet, but once you have completed the form and received your discount codes from us (within 2 weeks), you need to register for the number of events you choose within 1 month (if self funding) or 2 weeks (if choosing charity sponsorship)***

The events included in the deal are as follows, in 2019:

Isle of Wight Challenge - 4/5 May
London 2 Brighton Challenge - 25/26 May
Jurassic Coast Challenge - 8/9 June
Cotswold Way Challenge - 29/30 June
Peak District Challenge - 13/14 July
Chiltern Challenge - 27/28 July 
South Coast Challenge - 31 Aug/1 Sept
Thames Path Challenge - 7/8 Sept
Thames Bridges Trek - 7 Sept (available in 25km self funding package only)
North Downs 50 -  28 Sept (available in 50km packages only)

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