2015 - Two Castles Run Reserved Club Places

2015 Club Runners 24-Jul-2019
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Full Name (First Last)Race_CategoryClub_name_reserve
Aaron BodycoteMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Coventry Godiva Harriers
Adrian LloydMasters Male (Aged 55+)Centurion
Adrian PowellMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Northbrook AC
Alex MontgomeryMasters Male (Aged 55+)Leamington C&AC
Alisnon GiblinMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Centurion
Alix AlmondMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Andrew CarwardineMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Centurion
Andrew CooknellSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Kenilworth Runners
ANDREW HOUSTONMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Northbrook AC
Andrew MatthewsMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Angela DayMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Massey Fergusson
Anthony EdwardsMasters Male (Aged 55+)Sphinx AC
Anthony HowellSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Stratford
Ben AdamsMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Ben TwymanMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Stratford
Benjamin TranSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Coventry Godiva Harriers
Bethan GwynnMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
Bina PaulMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
Brian HewetsonMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Northbrook AC
Bryn MorganJunior Male (Aged 15-19)Leamington C&AC
Cassie LiveseySenior Female (Aged 20-34)Massey Fergusson
Cath FennMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Catherine BennMasters Female (Aged 55+)Massey Fergusson
Chetan ModiMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Chris SharpSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Knowle and Dorridge
Claire MageeSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Knowle and Dorridge
Colin CordenMasters Male (Aged 55+)Centurion
Craig BowerMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Leamington C&AC
Craig RobinsonMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Cristina SempleMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Massey Fergusson
Damien DearSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Northbrook AC
Dan StannardMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
Daniel MartinMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
David ConwaySenior Male (Aged 20-34)Massey Fergusson
David MauleMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
David MaundrellMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Stratford
David PettiferMasters Male (Aged 55+)Kenilworth Runners
David PhaseySenior Male (Aged 20-34)Spa Striders
Ed GoodwinMasters Male (Aged 55+)Massey Fergusson
Elaine RobinsonMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Massey Fergusson
Fiona FergusonSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Spa Striders
Frances AverillMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Massey Fergusson
Gary MorganMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Kenilworth Runners
Gemma EllisSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Kenilworth Runners
George LovedaySenior Female (Aged 20-34)Leamington C&AC
Graham TaylorMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Stratford
Greg HarrisMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
Guy BicknellMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Hartwig BuschMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
Henry MorrisonMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Stratford
Ian BaynesMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Ian CooperMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Ian CurtisMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Knowle and Dorridge
Ian SatterthwaiteMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Centurion
Jason BranniganMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Jason BrotherhoodMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Coventry Godiva Harriers
Jemma PhelpsSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Knowle and Dorridge
Jennie HawkinsMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
Jenny JeevesMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Leamington C&AC
JENNY PHILPOTTMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Jill CurtisMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Knowle and Dorridge
Joe McleodJunior Male (Aged 15-19)Coventry Godiva Harriers
John SavinMasters Male (Aged 55+)Centurion
Jonathan HeatherSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Kenilworth Runners
Jonathan RandellMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Knowle and Dorridge
Jordan KingSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Leamington C&AC
Jose Luis SanchezSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Massey Fergusson
Jose Ortiz GonzalezMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Coventry Godiva Harriers
Joseph MulengaMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Coventry Godiva Harriers
Jude BaumMasters Female (Aged 55+)Spa Striders
Julie FrenchSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Northbrook AC
Kate EvansMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Spa Striders
Kathy BaileyMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Knowle and Dorridge
Kathy JamesMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Massey Fergusson
Kelly EdwardsMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Leamington C&AC
Kevin CoughlanMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Northbrook AC
Kieran PrescottMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Kieran TursnerSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Stratford
Kim Fawke-WilliamsMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Kyza DerbyMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Laura FullerSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Kenilworth Runners
Lee CavesMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Lloyd BartonMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Knowle and Dorridge
Lorraine HobbsMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Knowle and Dorridge
Louise Shore-MarstonJunior Female (Aged 15-19)Massey Fergusson
Mark DaltonMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Northbrook AC
Martin GavinMasters Male (Aged 55+)Northbrook AC
Martin JudgeMasters Male (Aged 55+)Massey Fergusson
Martin TurrallMasters Male (Aged 55+)Northbrook AC
Martyn BruntMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Coventry Godiva Harriers
Matt DyerMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Melissa O'NeilSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Northbrook AC
Melissa VenablesMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Spa Striders
Michael WilliamsMasters Male (Aged 55+)Kenilworth Runners
Monica GreenMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Knowle and Dorridge
Nate DamroMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Knowle and Dorridge
Nathan BignallMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Massey Fergusson
Neil ButcherMasters Male (Aged 55+)Spa Striders
Nick BenbowMasters Male (Aged 55+)Kenilworth Runners
Nick BurgoyneMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Spa Striders
Nick TawneyMasters Male (Aged 55+)Leamington C&AC
Nicola WrightMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Spa Striders
Noel ButlerMasters Male (Aged 55+)Leamington C&AC
PAUL CORNOCKMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Centurion
Paul DaviesMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Centurion
Paul EdwardsSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Spa Striders
Paul McgurkMasters Male (Aged 55+)Northbrook AC
Paul RobbinsMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Paula Shore-MarstonMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Massey Fergusson
Pete Morgan-WarrenSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Knowle and Dorridge
Peter HawkinsMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Rachel AstonSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Knowle and Dorridge
Rachel MillerMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Rebecca SmithMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Rich CawleyMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Richard TaylorMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Massey Fergusson
Richard ZanettiMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Kenilworth Runners
Robert MillsMasters Male (Aged 55+)Sphinx AC
Robyn ScaliseSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Massey Fergusson
Roz CoxMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Spa Striders
Rupa MorrisMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Kenilworth Runners
Sadia ButtMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Samantha horsfallMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Sarah GreenMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Sarah NolanMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Knowle and Dorridge
Sarah O'TooleMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Scott ShepherdSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Northbrook AC
Sigurd AssingMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Kenilworth Runners
Simon BentleyMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Knowle and Dorridge
Sonia CordenMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Stephen MarksMasters Male (Aged 55+)Knowle and Dorridge
Steve BottomleyMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Northbrook AC
Steve HandyMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Northbrook AC
Steve WebbMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Leamington C&AC
Steven McCallionMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Steven RobertsMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Leamington C&AC
Steven SkakelMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Knowle and Dorridge
Steven TurveytSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Northbrook AC
Stuart BatchelorMasters Male (Aged 55+)Kenilworth Runners
Stuart LigginsSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Massey Fergusson
Stuart McCullaghMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Centurion
Susan CoxMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Spa Striders
Susie TawneyMasters Female (Aged 55+)Leamington C&AC
Suzaane JonesMasters Female (Aged 35-44)Stratford
Thomas BarnettMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Kenilworth Runners
Thomas DableMasters Male (Aged 55+)Kenilworth Runners
Thomas HealyMasters Male (Aged 55+)Centurion
Tina ClemmensenMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Leamington C&AC
Tommy DempseyMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Northbrook AC
Tomoko JardineMasters Female (Aged 45-55)Knowle and Dorridge
Tony BoweMasters Male (Aged 45-54)Northbrook AC
Trevor DayMasters Male (Aged 55+)Massey Fergusson
Virginia SilioSenior Female (Aged 20-34)Massey Fergusson
Wayne BriggsMasters Male (Aged 35-44)Kenilworth Runners
Will JohnsonSenior Male (Aged 20-34)Spa Striders
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