The Long Reach Swim 2018

Wallingford, Oxon
Sunday, 19 August 2018
The Long Reach Swim is now 9km in length and includes 1 lock that you'll need to walk around.


There are three feed stations along the route and one at the finish. The feed stations are on dry land, so you'll need to exit the water to reach them. It isn't compulsory to stop at the feed stations - they are entirely optional.

#1 - Oxford Brookes Boat House - 2.5km

#2 - Ferry Lane - 4.3km

#3 - Beetle & Wedge - 6.50km

All car parking is at the Start end of the swim, at Howbery Business Park, and AFTER the swim we'll provide transportation for swimmers back to the swim start.

For spectators 

There are two sections of the swim course where the Thames towpath doesn't follow the waters edge. The first of which is within the first 400m of the swim - spectators will need to cross to the Wallingford town side of Wallingford Bridge and turn left along Thames Street. Follow the signs and you'll shortly rejoin the river. Later along the course, near Moulsford School, the towpath leaves the riverbank for approx 1 mile. Follow Thames Path signs to rejoin the river at the Beetle & Wedge pub, and feed station three.

Car Parking near the feed stations along the route is very limited, and we do require access for events staff and emergency vehichles. Further information will be provided amongst the swim instructions available a couple of weeks before the day.

Please note that there is no spectator car parking at the finish venue, The Swan at Streatley. There are a number of public car parks a short walk away in the village of Goring on the north side of the Thames.

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