The Humdinger Swim

Saturday, 14 July 2018

The Humdinger Swim is pretty simple really......

There will be a swim briefing at 2.50pm adjacent to the swim start/registration area.

You'll get in the water at 2.55pm for a deep water start at 3pm.

You'll need to swim as many complete laps of the 1km loop as you can before 9pm. 

Only completed laps will be counted. In the interest of some playful competition, 'finish positions' will be judged on the number of laps completed firstly, and in the event of a tie, the time recorded at the end of your final completed lap.

The swim will be chip timed - you'll be issued a timing chip to wear around your wrist at swim registration on the day.

Relay teams can only have one swimmer in the water at a time, and interchanges must happen out of the water.

Teams can be made of 2, 3 or 4 people - you can swim in any order you like, and each swim as few or as many laps at a time as you would like.

You're allowed to get out of the water as often as you like - you may only exit and enter the water at the designated point and go over the timing sensor as you do so.

Whilst you are out of the water, should you choose to get out, you can do so for as long as you like. You can access your own food and drink, kit, changes of clothes etc etc

There will be a feed station stocked with water, coke and snacks - you will need to get out of the water to access this. 

The swim is not wetsuit compulsory, the choice is entirely yours. You may swim with tow floats.

Should you be midway around an incomplete lap at 9pm as the finish hooter sounds, you should swim directly back to the start/finish area.


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Payment Instructions


    SOLO - £50
    TEAM OF 2 - £65
    TEAM OF 3 - £90
    TEAM OF 4 - £100

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