Jubilee River Swim 2018

Windsor, Berkshire
Sunday, 10 June 2018
You have reached the former website of the Jubilee River Swim.

For all event information please visit the new site via www.10kswim.co.uk or follow the links from www.mysportingtimes.com

The Jubilee River is man-made flood relief channel opened in 2002, and as well as diverting water from the Thames at times of high water levels, it has long since blossomed into a wonderful habitat for wildlife and has become incredibly popular for recreational use with it's adjacent footpaths and cycle track.

In 2012 we received permission from the Environment Agency to become the very first recreational users of it's water, and the Jubilee River Swim has gone from strength to strength ever since. We swim 10km starting from the footbridge near Mill Lane in Taplow at its western end, to the Pococks Lane road bridge a few hundred metres short of the river re-joining the Thames near Eton. 

The three weirs along the rivers length mark hand over points for the relay swimmers, also the location for the feed stations. There'll be a feed station at the finish too.

For relay teams the swim legs are as follows:-

Leg One - Start to Marsh Lane Weir - 1.9km

Leg Two - Marsh Lane Weir to Manor Farm Weir 3.5km

Leg Three - Manor Farm Weir to Slough Weir - 2.6km

Leg Four - Slough Weir to Finish - 1.5km

For spectators 

The only stretch of the river that doesn't have a towpath at the waters edge for you to follow the action is within the first 1km from the start. This will be signed for you and for relay swimmers following the course. After the first 1km you just need to keep the water on your left all the way to the finish.

Car Parking near the various weirs/feed stations along the way is relatively limited, so please car share where possible - we do require access for events staff and emergency vehichles. Further information will be provided amongst the swim instructions available a couple of weeks before the day.
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