2010 Westlink M7 Cities Marathon

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Sunday 25 July 2010.


Liverpool City Robins Sports Club, Ash Road, Prestons. Just off Camden Valley Way.

42.195KM (Athletics Australia & AIMS Certified Accurate).

$80.00 (must be 18 years + to enter). Entry includes ipico timing chip, race number, long sleeved t-shirt, special finishers medallion, finishers certificate & results book. participants also receive free shuttle bus transfer but you are required to book this in upon entering.



Must be 18 years + to enter. No rollerblades, skates, pets, wheelchairs, bicylces or prams allowed.

There is an overall cut off time of 5:45:00 hours to complete 42.195km. There are no cut-off times per kilometre.

If you enter by Friday 16 July 2010, your race pack which includes (race number, timing chip and race day information) will be posted to you. After this date participants are required to pick up their race packs on race day at the start venue (Prestons). International athletes are required to pick up their race packs on race day at the start unless alternative arrangements have been made.


Hard copy and online entries will close on Friday 23 July 2010 by close of business (4.30pm) at Blacktown City Council, 62 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown. Online entries will also close at this time. 

1. Start on Ash Road, Prestons (adjacent to Liverpool City Robins Sports Club)
2. Travel south to Camden Valley Way, Prestons.
3. Left turn on footpath at Camden Valley Way, Prestons.
4. Left turn onto Westlink M7 Pathway.
5. Continue uninterrupted through Prestons, Hinchinbrook, Hoxton Park, West Hoxton, Cecil Park, Horsley Park, Eastern Creek.
6. The Half Way Mark (21.1km) is at Eastern Creek directly above the M4 Motorway at the Lighthorse Interchange.
7. At the 24km mark located just past the Eastern Road, Rooty Hill bridge, participants are diverted into the right hand lane of the Westlink M7 Shared Pathway and then continue on until the turn around point at the 32.5km mark. From Rooty Hill runners travel through Plumpton, Oakhurst, Glendenning, Dean Park & Quakers Hill. Runners must keep to the right hand lane.
8. The turn around point (32.5km) is located at Quakers Hill. Direct viewing from the corner of Warrimoo Drive and Chaplin Crescent, Quakers Hill.
9. From the turn around point, participants then follow same path back keeping in the right hand lane to Eastern Road, Rooty Hill. Runners exit to the right from Westlink M7 Pathway to Eastern Road, Rooty Hill.
10. Left turn at Eastern Road, Rooty Hill. Follow footpath to main entrance.
11. Left turn at main entrance, follow footpath around to Athletics Track.
12. Right turn at crossing and follow straight ahead into main stadium.
13. Complete 300m of athletics track to finish in front of main grandstand of athletics track.

The turn around point is at the 32.5km mark, which is located at the corner of Warrimoo Drive and Chaplin Cres, Quakers Hill (access point). Runners must be in the right hand side of the pathway, turning in the right hand lane.

The Sydney Marathon Clinic have arranged pace runners. The following pacers for the 2010 Westlink M7 Cities Marathon will be 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15 & 4:30. Please also be aware that Marathon runners will be running along side the Mizuno Marathon Relay Runners. Marathon runners will have light green coloured bib numbers and Mizuno Marathon Relay Runners will have bright yellow colour bib numbers.
There are 11 drink stations on the Marathon Course. All drink stations will have water in cups and bags as well as Gatorade Sports Drink in cups and bags. GU Energy Gels and Jelly Beans will be placed at drink station 5 (20km), drink station 7 (28km) & 11 (37km). Fruit, water and gatorade will be available at the finish line. A detailed list of drink stations will be available soon.

Any athlete competing in the Marathon may wish to make their own special drink. You must place your special drink in one or more of the drink station crates at the race start area no later than 6.30am. If you are arriving by shuttle bus on race morning from Blacktown Olympic Park, please do this first thing as we need time to place them at all drink stations. Crates are labelled for each location and distance. The runner must be responsible for taking their own drinks from the table during the race.

Toilet facilites will be avilable at the race start and the finish areas. Porta Loos will be available at the 11 drink stations throughout the course. Porta Loos will also be postioned at the Half Way Change Over Area at Wallgrove Road, Eastern Creek.

The shared pathway have various vegetation protections zones to protect the flora and fauna. These areas are sign posted.

If any runner gets injured during the race and wishes to withdraw,please inform an SES or official at the next drink station or marshal point. A shuttle bus can pick you up and return you to the finish. You must hand in your race number to an official.

A free shuttle bus service is available to runners only. They will leave from the following locations;


  • Blacktown Olympic Park to Race Start at 5.45am
  • Race Start to Half Way Mark (Eastern Creek) at 7.10am "for relay runners #2"
  • Blacktown Olympic Park to Half Way Mark (Eastern Creek) at 7.00am & 7.15am "for relay runners #2"
  • Blacktown Olympic Park to Ash Road, Prestons at conclusion of presentation at 1.15pm (approximate time)

Please indicate when you enter that you wish to use the free shuttle bus service. Buses will depart from Blacktown Olympic Park at the designated bus pick up/set-down area near the athletics track.

Runners baggage will be collected at the race start and can be dropped off at either the half way mark for Relay Runner # 1 or to the Finish Area for Marathon Runners and Relay Runner #2.

Please self seed yourself at the start line according to you ability. There will be a lead bike rider from start to finish. If you are wearing an ipod, please be aware of other runners.

There is a runners recovery area on the inside of the athletics track. The runners recovery tent will have masseurs, water, gatordae sports drink and fruit. There are also change rooms and hot showers available to use under the grandstand at Blacktown Olympic Park.

BBQ Hot food and hot/cold drinks as well as cakes/muffins will be on sale at Blacktown Olympic Park from 7.00am onwards.

The official presentation will take place on stage at Blacktown Olympic Park from approximatley 1.15pm. Please click on the attached information below.

Note: Prizemoney cheques will be sent out within 2 weeks after race day.

To save time on race day, runners who are travelling from the south coast or south of Sydney may wish to park their car at the race start location (Ash Road, Prestons). A free shuttle bus can take you back to the start from Blacktown Olympic Park at 12noon and 1.15pm.

Runners who are travelling from the west, north or city areas are best to park at Blacktown Olympic Park (Finish) and take one of the free shuttle buses to the race start at Prestons from 5.45am. It will be about a 30 minute trip on the bus.


Contact Details

  • Phone: 0298396075, Email: mark.gibson@blacktown.nsw.gov.au
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