Gut Buster

Grazeley, Berkshire
Saturday, 31 December 2016




Our designated Gut Buster event charity is once again the wonderful Home Start - Reading for the 2016 event. We have been delighted to support the charity for the past two years, and the funds raised have made a genuinely meaningful impact. We are very proud to be able to assist however we can.

Home Start provides support for young families in need all across the country, and our local Reading branch do an extraordinary job. Funds raised from the 2015 event for example helped pay for professional counsellors provide a series of group sessions for mothers with postnatal depression. Here's a little more info from the team at Home Start - Reading........

It turns out that about half our mothers (both those being visited at home and those on our waiting list) suffer diagnosed postnatal depression or anxiety. But Reading has been an almost complete blank spot in terms of provision - rating  a '1' instead of the gold standard '5'. So last year we managed to run four 'Mums in Mind' courses, combining craft, conversation and professional counselling. Standard  psychological measures were used to rate anxiety and depression levels at the start and at the end of each course so that we  could really understand  if the course was beneficial - and we have been bowled over by the improved 'scores' of women on the courses and their improved ability to cope..

The course aims to:

· Reduce anxiety and encourage self-focus by the use of craft.

· Facilitate open confidential discussions, friendships, tears and laughter.

· Provide information and understanding of common mental health issues.

· Increase the confidence of mums and provide them with coping strategies.

Content is mum led. During the course we cover and have activities for: being a parent, anger, relaxation, normalizing feelings, mood, friendships, trust, mindfulness

These are some of the  things the mums have said:

This group has made me think about things in a different way; I feel a lot better”

“I’m feeling really good and looking forward to next week’s session”

“I realised that I am not alone in the way I feel and I have learnt ways to cope”

“I was sad when I first met you and now I’m happy”

“I am feeling more confident and am now looking into joining other groups.

My partner has noticed a difference in me too”

“I feel happier. The course has given me something to do every week and I feel so

much better for it. I like myself more than I did before”

“I feel better knowing that other people have problems.

The course was wonderful, thank you”

“I felt at ease straight away in the group. It has allowed me to have a more positive

outlook at parenthood. I wish the course was longer”


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