The Long Reach Swim 2018

Wallingford, Oxon
Sunday, 19 August 2018
Swim Safety

With more people taking part in river swim events, it's worthwhile reading a recent report on the potential dangers of river swimming HERE We work closely with the Environment Agency and Public Health departments, getting up to date information on water safety. Swimming in the River Thames is as safe as swimming in any river nationwide. We will, of course, be taking action to ensure you're swim is as safe as it can be.

The single most valuable action you can take after swimming in a river is the thoroughly clean your hands - we'll be providing hand sanitiser at each point you leave the water, we strongly recommend you use this before delving into the refreshments! You should use rinse your wetsuit before next using it.

We'll have plenty of kayakers in the water with each group looking after you, as well as powered safety boats, paramedics and marshals on dry land. 

Tow Floats

We are making the Long Reach Swim tow float compulsory. We think tow floats are absolutely brilliant, so good for your visibility to other river users whilst you're in the water, and just generally a great idea for swim safety. If you don't have your a tow float, you can purchase one as part of your swim entry package. We've have tow floats on offer at a fantastic price, so why not pick one up from us?!

As stocks last on the swim morning, tow floats may be available to purchase at registration. Please be warned, we won't have enough for one for each! Save yourself last minute hassle and purchase one as you enter should you require.

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